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Cassette Key Pencil Pendant

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Every 80s and 90s baby remembers the days of curating the perfect mix tape to blast on repeat. Relish the nostalgia with our new 18k gold Cassette Tape Pendant, which features a golden spool of diamonds encased in white sapphire. Slide the tip of this accompanying 18k gold pencil charm with a pink opal eraser into the star shaped holes of the cassette and twist back and forth to “rewind” and “fast forward” the diamond spool. Both charms hang from a rock crystal and topaz necklace custom-cut into the shapes of the "stop," "pause," "play," "rewind," & "fast-forward" buttons you would find on a Walkman, and can removed via the diamond clip bail.

Winner of the 2024 COUTURE Design Awards, Best in Innovative. 

18k yellow gold pencil pendant with a 0.68 total carat weight (cttw) pink opal eraser and 0.37 cttw G-H/SI diamonds. 55 mm x 6 mm.

This made-to-order piece has a longer lead time of 6-10 weeks.