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Released in 2023

Freshly squeezed lemon, winding cobblestone pathways, a gentle sea breeze; summer in Capri is nothing short of magical. To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, Sorellina is paying homage to their heritage with Dieci, a collection inspired by salty, sun-kissed days spent on the islands of Italy.

Dieci—Italian for ten—will transport you to a picturesque destination where electric blue water crashes against the cove-studded coastline, and the air is filled with the scent of sweet citrus. Pieces commemorate the juxtaposition between land and sea with sculptural details reminiscent of waves inlaid with hand-carved stones alongside sunny lemon lockets, charms and studs. Fluid lines give way to chunky cabochons in a bevy of statement earrings, necklaces and rings.Fleeting summer sunsets are captured in orange, pink and yellow sapphires.

Sisters Kim and Nicole Carosella began to conceptualize Dieci in early 2022 after finding a parcel of Sleeping Beauty turquoise at the Tucson Gem Show that is nearly identical in color to their memory of the water in Capri where they’ve visited every summer since childhood. Ceruleite, yellow opal, padparadscha, emeralds and sapphires are among other hand-sourced gems that lend a drool-worthy range of color to Dieci’s palette.

Just as dualism abounds in Sorellina’s classic collections, Dieci marries the opposing forces of land and sea. The result is a dynamic collection achieved through uniting two unique perspectives. Sorellina is where masculine meets feminine. Where accessible lives next to inspirational. And where vintage inspiration inspires modern design.