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Bridal & Bespoke

In addition to our signature collection, Sorellina is pleased to offer bespoke services to honor the special occasions we celebrate. From small commissions to major suites of jewels, Sorellina offers a wide range of services to help bring your dream piece to reality. 

Meet Nicole

Sit down with creative director Nicole Carosella for a personalized, one-on-one consultation. Nicole starts with a discovery process learning about the client's wants and needs.  

“Whether repurposing jewelry or creating a piece from scratch, I love the process of working one-on-one. It's a constant dialogue and there is nothing like showing the client the finished piece,” explains Nicole.

each project starts with a sketch

Next comes hand-rendered custom designs. From there, you will receive a brief stone education and be involved in gemstone sourcing. Each detail is expertly managed by the Sorellina team and personally overseen by Nicole. The artist’s touch is clear in every design.


In addition to bespoke, Sorellina offers customizations of exisiting pieces.

Design your own


With our ring generator, mix and match 9 different stone options with initials, zodiacs or decorative motifs. 

Click here to start yours.

Make it Happen

To learn more about our made-to-order program, view our past project portfolio or discuss a project, please contact us.